Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Romantic at Heart

Remeber that quote from a Balenciaga book? .... "A magical instant can define the whole style of a collection."

I've been searching for that magical moment. That's why I've been sketching so much. I was searching. Then I read a small blurb in one of my historical costume books about Romanticism.

Romanticism: Pursued imaginative and romantic impulses and fostered a taste for historical or exotic worlds.

That described my aesthetics really well.

Romantic Image: The ideal woman was delicate and melancholic.

Now I know some of you are saying melancholic, who wants to be melancholic. Listen to what Keats have to say.

(Keats) wished his readers to accept melancholy as a desirable experience. It should not be avoided; rather, it should be endured and its sufferer emerge with renewed strength and understanding.

So this is it. Romanticism. This is my inspiration for my first collection and actually it will set the tone for my whole brand. I am going to dedicate the next series of posts on working through this inspiration.

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