Friday, March 9, 2007

My Domain Name is Taken!

Okay, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, type in or goggle it or anything.

Yesterday, I figure I should go ahead and secure my domain name. I didn't think I would have any problems with it since my name is so unique. To my surprise, when I was ready to sign up with a web hosting company, I found out that my domain name has already been registered by a cybersquatter (a new term I just learned yesterday). I know it is a cybersquatter because the site doesn't DO anything. It just brings up a page that kinda looks like a search engine index to random links like financial services and that is it. This company DomainNameSales, based in the Cayman Islands has over 347,000 domain names registered and my is one of them!

I am not sure what to do. After many hours of research on line, I figured out that one way they could have known my interest in the domain name is by "watching" my activity online. Now I am scared that there is "someone" watching my every keystroke. I never worried 'cause I work off a Mac and it's supposed to be more secure.

Anyway, apparently this company registered my name June 2005 and it doesn't expire until 2008. I guess they want me to buy it from them. But I am scared to contact them right now because I don't want them to know I am interested ..... I read somewhere that there are companies that buy up domain names based on traffic. I can't imagine there being much traffic from my name, but you never know. These companies buy the name for a couple of days and if there are no traffic then they let go of the name. That's why I asked you not to click on the website or Google it in case it drives up the number of clicks or something.

My first big obstacle. If I can't secure that domain name at a reasonable price, I'll just have to have another brain storming session for other creative domain names. Not my first choice, but will have to do.


NYC Fashionista said...

Sorry to hear about the cybersquatter situation. It is actually fairly common. They are hoping to cash in on the name-sake web address when someone wants it.

Internet Newbie said...

I heard somewhere that cybersquatters couldn't or did not have the right to use or "squat" on someone's real name.
I assume your name is Paize right ?

If so, you may need to use both or all given names for your website, but hey , putting your name on any product is good thing IMO.

These Internet geek/squatters/hackers/virus spreaders etc.. need a few minutes out back behind the woodshed with my Uncle Clive. He would set things straight.