Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Lynn

Meet Lynn, my muse. It's a form my mom gave me when I was accepted to FIT, her Alma Mater. Noticed the year Lynn was born, very serendipitous. Her measurements are 34.5 - 25.75"- 35.75". I was planning on making my sample size 34.5" - 27" - 36.5" so I can work on Lynn since it's the bust measurement that's most important.

In my research about sizing in the garment industry, I am amazed at the lack of standardization. I can not believe that I, as a DE can just make up a size and call it a size 6 or 8. I really want to revolutionize this system, but how?

I know there was a whole bunch of posts on this on fashion-incubator.com, but there doesn't seem to be a solution.

I think the best way for me to handle the sizing issue would be to include a sizing chart on the hang tag. And actually manufacture my garments to those specs.

Anyway, so it was a lot of fun draping. I am so much more a draper than a sketcher. But sketching helps me go into a certain direction and draping finalizes the journey.

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