Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga

So I know of Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga, which fashion design student doesn't. I know he was a master couturier. And, I know there was a lot of press on revival of the House of Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere especially last year. But I was never very interested in studying him, until Mr. Ralph Rucci mentioned that Cristobal Balenciaga influenced and inspired him the most.

I spent this past weekend with my DH at the library again. This time I didn't really have a list of things to do so I figured I would browse around the library and see what I can find. I found this wonderful section on Art. They had the most amazing books. I remembered Balenciaga, and decided to spend my time studying him.

The monster of all Balenciaga book is Balenciaga by Marie-Andree Jouve, published in 1989. Oh, if I can only have this book in my library. On Amazon.com, used copies are selling for $600 - $800. I can't even begin to describe the wealth of information that is contained in this books. There are countless pictures, drawings, and sketches. I really felt like I was stepping through the pages and into Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga's atelier.

In one of the smaller Balenciaga books Hommage a Balenciaga, I found this great quote on design inspiration.

"A magical instant can define the whole style of a collection. Colour, drama or aesthetics spring from sources which are not foreign to us, which are a part of a world layered in the unconsciousness. The understanding of those sources is essential to achieve the status of artistry."

I forgot to bring my camera, so sorry, no pictures :(

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