Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend at Newport, RI

For our 3rd year wedding anniversary, my DH planned a lovely weekend at Newport, RI. What was special about this trip was that we were able to share it with our two girls, Daisy and Lulu. It's the first vacation we've taken with the girls. It was so much fun.

When we got there and took a good deep breath of the sea air, the first thing my DH said was, "maybe we can stay here an extra day."

Everything about the town was so relaxing. The staff at the Hyatt was super friendly. We watched the white sail boats cut through the blue water and sky.

The view from our hotel room.

Our girls are crazy about tennis balls, so naturally when we played tennis, the girls went crazy, running around picking up tennis balls.

So while in Newport, of course we have to sample the local seafood. For dinner we went to The Landing upon the recommendation of our hotel concierge. We had fabulous steamers, lobster, and fillet mignon.

For lunch we went to The Cook House. This time we brought our girls with us 'cause they have a cute little sidewalk cafe. The food was also great. The best was definitely the steamed local mussels we had in garlic and butter.

Daisy, not wanting to drink from the dog bar at The Cook House.

The second day, we walked the Cliff Walk that follows along the ocean side with the Newport Mansions on one side. Although the temperature was in the 70's, the cool ocean breeze made it very comfortable. Our girls were so tired that my DH had to carry one of them towards the end of the walk.

Lulu enjoying a break from walking the Cliff Walk. That's my DH's hand in the upper left hand corner

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