Friday, June 29, 2007

Public Opinion Part 3: Underdog

So these are the designs that didn't get that many votes, but I like them so they are being considered to be in the final collection.

Design 9
This actually got three votes, but was my favorite out of all the other designs that got three votes. All that rounded things on the neckline are embroidered applique chained together to create a neckline. Depending on the embroidery, it can be subdued or sparkly.

Design 10
This design didn't get any votes. I am not sure why. The bodice is a collage of different fabrics to create a graphic story. I am going to move this design forward and do a color rendering with fabric swatches, maybe people will like it better.

Design 11
This design got one vote, so at least one person likes it. I think the lack of votes has more to do with the drawing than the actual design. The back is suppose to be drapey with the lining showing. I am probably going to keep this design, but shorten the skirt.

So that's it, those are the contenders.

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