Monday, June 4, 2007

To Perm or Not To Perm?

So remember how I said I was thinking of perming my hair after reading through the Japanese magazine, Vivi? Well, after I wrote the entry, I kinda got that thought out of my system. Then, my DS called and said that she's been thinking of getting a perm also. So we agreed that she'll drive up to the city on 4th of July and we'll both get our hair permed together.

This is a picture of I want to happen.

I know my hair dresser is going to tell me that look is done with a curling iron, but I figure if I can get some sort of large, loose curls put in, it'll have the same effect, no?

Maybe my good friend CC, the ex-hair dresser can weigh in on this debate?

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Anonymous said...

Dear PL,
I don't know if I need to remind you that we've been through this perm thing before. Possibly twice. The results have always been something like: looks no different than before (except more orangey) and having to use a curling iron anyway (but it seems to stay longer?). With that said, your hair is like an Iron fist and can easily withstand your abusive whims. So if you feel you must, try try again. Maybe there's still a part of me hoping it will miraculously start working for us.