Thursday, June 28, 2007

Public Opinion Part 2: Most Likely to Succeed

This group of designs each had 4 votes.

Design 3
This one is definitely in. I like the back detail. What you may not be able to see is that there are cords accenting the back opening. The front sketch is off. It's a bit more fitted than it is possible with a back like that. This one I'll need to drape to get a real look at the silhouette.

Design 4
Like I said before, people seemed to really like the rouching and gathering. I am undecided about this one. It doesn't seem to fit in with design 3 which I really like and it is a bit more ... how should I say this ... 80's prom dress? If I really need to I can see if I can tone it down, maybe get ride of the gathers at that skirt waist line.

Design 5
This is cute. A little Banana Republic. And a bit more fall/winter. Maybe I'll save this for the following season.

Design 6
I love this one ... I wonder who didn't vote for this one! J/K! I may take this and do a little bit more design development to see if I can evolve this into 2 additional designs.

Design 7
This design kinda goes with design 5. I think I'll just save these suckers for next season.

Design 8
This is very formal ... I think too formal for the group. I do like the bow detail, although I think right now, I would change it from a "stiff" bow to a "loose" bow. And maybe if I shorten it, it wouldn't be so formal.

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