Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Colorboard

Yes, I have another colorboard. This one is based off the most recent mood board.

According to my schedule, I should be designing right now. I looked over the sketches I have for S/S '08 and I didn't like any of it. At least not enough to bring over to A/W '08-'09. Is it totally normal to just not like your designs after a while?

I thought I can at least bring forward a couple of designs so I wouldn't have to drape everything over, but I really want to produce a design I truly love.

So I am going to start another intense session of sketching and designing. And maybe this time I won't drape everything, just the ones that are hard to describe on paper. We'll see ....


Andrew said...

Hey Paize,

Check out http://www.colourlovers.com/

It's really meant for web design work, but they have a really cool color palette builder and you can see other user's top palettes. Sort of like social networking for color.

At the top, click Palettes, then Create New... pick a starting color then go from there. Below they offer suggested colors that are similar / match.


Paize said...

Hey, thanks Andrew, that's a really cool website. I love all the inspirations.