Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weekend at the Library

I spend the whole entire weekend with DH at the New York Public Library. But it was not as boring or as nerdy as it sounds. The Library at Bryant Park is amazing, Beau-Art at the best. Hey, that can be part of my inspiration for Holiday '07. Maybe I'll do a little bit more research on the Beau-Art period.

DH was there to study for an upcoming exam. I spent Sat working on my business plan. I finished my "Executive Summary" which I am suppose to leave to the end, but I had an idea so I ran with it. By the end of that day I was totally businessed out so I spend Sun catching up on all the WWD and Daily. That was much more fun.

This is the ceiling above the Rose Reading Room. I am going to try to go there on my own during the week 'cause there are just too many distractions at home to get much work done.

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