Thursday, February 15, 2007

Moody and Desperate

This is the color story board I am working on. The coloring is richer in real life. I've got to ask my DS if she has any tips on lighting when taking photos since she's becoming quite the photographer.

From school we were taught to work with an inspiration. While, I think it's helpful in creating a story, I am the type of person who can take things a little too literal.

For example, I had been inspired by the movie The Black Dahlia. But with that inspiration in my head, I just couldn't get away from all the gorgeous two-piece suits and smart hats Scarlett Johansson wore.

So instead, I am going to work with a color palette and a word palette like ... Moody, Desperate, you see where I am going?

Here is a little something that is neither moody nor desperate from my DH.

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